Remember Ron and Kim Possible?





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my childhood is ruined. D:







woww lol was not expecting that

well things definitely change over the years

well i wasn’t expecting that at all 

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The truth about weight loss

I’ve learned so much through this whole weight loss journey . But the number one thing I tell people is that it’s a mind game.

Sure it’s important to find healthy filling foods. Sure it’s important to find exercises that will help you burn fat and tone up. But it’s your mind that chooses to eat the healthy food over the tempting junk, and it’s your mind that chooses to get up and go for a run or head to the gym.

When I see people attempting to lose weight, the foods they’re eating and their workouts aren’t usually the problem. It’s all about motivation. Anyone who struggles with weight loss is probably giving in to temptations and laziness, failing to trust that strength against these will get them closer and closer to their ultimate goals.

I would have reached my ultimate goal weight in 2-3 months, but its always a matter of being focused. Ive totally strayed from the path at times, but my commitment to get back on track has been crucial to my success . Stay focused, stay the course, the weight will come off.

It’s a mind game , it really is

i’ve been using myfitnesspal for a week, and I’ve lost exactly 3 pounds!

granted I’m also doing Insanity and lifting weights 3 times a week. But I’m super excited. I’m currently 135.8 which is the lowest I’ve been this whole journey. I need to finally break past 135 and get to my goal of 130!


Now that is perfect to me.


Now that is perfect to me.

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